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Experience the thrill of A sparkling green emerald-Kerala- in the blue water of the Arabian Sea, of her vibrant culture, relish the taste of her exotic cuisine while relaxing  your body and mind with her Ayurveda touch.

Ayurveda, the “Science of life”, is a holistic medical system that depends exclusively on medicinal herbs and other natural ingredients to heal the body, mind and soul unlike the other systems. and precisely why this land scores over others cause of its unique natural habitat and climate.  

Ayurveda is unique in its many recommendations. It prescribes  each person differently, even  if it is the same problem depending on the  variation of the energy levels of the Thridosha viz. Vatah, [nerve energy) Pitha [catabolic fire energy) and Kapha [anabolic nutritive energy] . Also it is strongly connected  between the mind and the body, hence curing both simultaneously.

 Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy helps you to relax,  break apart from  the stressful life, other than giving you back some of the used  energy back.

The method of examination is also simple so also the medicine. One of the major problem today's generation faces is that of baldness and faster decay of cells, which is very easily altered by Ayurveda. Below is some easily followable 

Nature's Remedies


The common plant karavila (memodica charantia) can be crushed and the juice massaged into your scalp to give you a healthy head of hair and prevent hair loss and baldness. 

Another herb that is excellent for healthy hair and stops premature graying is Olinda. Botanically known as avrus precatorius, an oil prepared with Olinda seeds, together with sesame seeds and coconut milk, will stop early graying and improve the thickness of the hair. For lustrous and shiny hair Nelli juice together with a little lime juice makes an instant shampoo. Turmeric powder or kaha (safron) ground to a paste can also be used as a hair wash and acts as a cleanser also eliminating dandruff.

To get rid of spots and pimples on your face, apply a paste of Suduru (cummin seeds) over the pimples. Also a paste of Sadikka (nutmeg) mixed with a bit of milk is a good remedy for getting rid of those spots and pimples. For a smooth and healthy complexion, a paste of Rathandum (red sandalwood) and Kaja (turmeric) mixed with milk is highly beneficial. Eating shoe flowers as a salad is also said to improve the complexion.

For bright and healthy eyes and to get rid of tiredness and eyestrain, you can use thin slices of cucumber placed on the eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. Thin slices of Bandakka (ladies fingers) can also be used for the same purpose and over-ripe tomato slices as well.

Meanwhile, a few drops of bees’ honey applied at the corner of the eyes where wrinkles tend to appear is beneficial. Gentle tapping of the skin with a tomato in this area also helps.

For cracked dried heels on your feet, rub a bit of ghee into them and stale rice ground with rathmal pods. Komarica ground with cold water, rubbed on your heels each day can make them smooth once more

To discuss more about your health problems or the general  Rejuvenation therapy mail us at ayur@vibgyorholidays.co.in